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Welcome to the Russian Linguistic Center - language center of Russian studies in Moscow

    We hope you find this web-site interesting and informative and look forward      to meeting you soon.     


The Russian Linguistic Center (RLC) specialises in teaching Russian as a foreign language to children and students of all ages and ability although a majority of its efforts are centred on helping foreign business persons to better understand the Russian language.

At the same time the Center provides a wide variety of other services and activities all aimed at developing a persons linguistic ability for practical use in Russia today. RLC’s mission is not only to provide first class teaching of the Russian language but also provide a greater understanding and appreciation of Russian art and culture as well as giving essential insights to the logic and Russian way of thinking and getting things done.

We understand that the modern business person has a very busy schedule. But while working in Russia learning something of everyday Russian is unavoidable if you are to get about more effectively and enjoy more your stay.

Our teaching methods our geared to helping you efficiently acquire a basic level of the Russian language and to develop your confidence further so that you can use it in everyday situations. We will help you build and improve so that you soon find yourself communicating and contributing with your Russian business colleagues in their own language and style.

    Our team at RLC is very experienced and has already helped hundreds of people succeed.     

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