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About us - language center of Russian studies in Moscow

How We Started 

The founders of the Russian Linguistic Center all have the same story to tell. People were constantly asking them questions such as; who could they recommend to study Russian with? How could they maintain their Russian language after leaving Russia? Who would teach their children? 

People were also saying that they were not satisfied with many of the language schools in the market and wanted a more personalized and a better quality service. With this in mind a small likeminded group of highly experienced teachers decided to provide an answer to these questions and by setting up the Russian Linguistic Center. From the beginning they were determined to make sure it was focused on the individual’s needs. Their declared aim is to teach you to speak Russian and to help make you feel more comfortable in Russia. 

Our Teaching Methods 

Good communication is the key to achieving many goals in life and this is the same with teaching the Russian language. We base our methods for student learning on modern communicative methods such as role play and with games and we also combine them with more traditional ways of teaching. 

However rest assured our teaching process is based on the understanding of the language system and not on the learning by heart of difficult grammar rules. We help make understanding the Russian language a core skill and to achieve this teachers use a unique system of grammar exercises - with visual and audio techniques - that have been designed and developed only for use by our Center. 

Being eminent in their field many of the books and text books used by the RLC have been designed and written by its team of professional teachers. But it is the ability of the Center’s teachers, the way they use this material and how they tailor it for each person which makes all the difference. Within no time a person is working on his or her tailored practical language course that will help achieve rapid success in a comfortable and interesting way. 

Our Team 

The RLC is a made up of a group of professional teachers. Working together they constantly share knowledge, practices and learning’s. The Center continually updates and maintains its efficient yet flexible teaching methods so that you always have the best tools and techniques to help you. 

All our teachers have graduated from leading educational establishments (such as the Moscow State University, Linguistic University, Pedagogical University etc), having qualified in teaching Russian as a foreign language. All the teachers speak at least one foreign language and they all have a wide experience of teaching Russian to foreigners. In addition most have worked abroad at one time or another at a University, in summer programmes or in various linguistic centers. 

At the RLC, each teacher is required to continually learn and improve their teaching skills. For their part the Center organizes various lectures and trainings. Every teacher is required to undergo and pass an annual test of their knowledge and skills. 

And finally, to work at the RLC all of our teachers must have and do have a love for teaching. As only with such passion do we believe that we can truly help you creatively meet your expectations.