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cross cultural training for foreigners in Moscow - language center of Russian studies

RLC proposes to its clients a special training for the people who have just arrived to Russia to adopt their new environment easier and quicker . It is called a cross cultural training.

 It helps to understand and to discover Russia for those who are going to work and stay for a long time here. This training is aimed to orient business people better in everyday situations at work and in everyday life to avoid possible misunderstandings. So one can feel better in a Russian speaking environment just after arrival.

For example it covers such areas as :         

  • Russian history 
  • veryday life 
  • russian mentality 
  • business in Russia Etc.

This general program is every time modified according to the demands and interests of the trainee on the basis of the question list proposed in advance. The short version lasts for 90 minutes. However the training could be enlarged due to the demand and particular spheres of interests of the trainee.

We are glad to inform you that with the help of his training many expatriates have already got their benefits and are grateful for this. They feel it was helpful and useful experience for them.

               We will be pleased to be useful for you too.