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group Russian classes in Moscow - language center of Russian studies

     What are the advantages of learning Russian language in a group?     

  • First of all , group classes give you the possibilities to develop your skills in talking and making as much communicative tasks as possible. We use play roles, different games with words, making up stories together etc.

  • Second reason is making contacts and checking your progress comparing it with other members’ level and progress. So your motivation will be always very high !

  • Third reason is pleasant and friendly atmosphere which is another motivator for our students who study Russian in a group.

Group classes are held in RLC usually twice a week. Groups are small : 2-5 people in a group.

     We have morning and evening group classes.    

The normal group course lasts for 2-3 months. And later you can join another group to follow next level. 
You are very welcome to join us !

Usually group classes are provided to the stuff of the companies in case they want to teach several people of the same language competence at the same time. It is less flexible for the student than individual and the atmosphere is quite different. The group atmosphere provides many people with a more ridged learning environment which encourages them to develop more quickly. 

You can compare your level and progress with other students in your group which can be a particular motivator.
Group classes can be offered to companies or to individuals though an individual can’t usually join a group made of the colleagues only of one company by many reasons.