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Intensive Russian classes in Moscow - language center of Russian studies

               Intensive classes is one of the options to study Russian quickly.     

If you are short in time but ready to focus on your Russian ,  if you have concrete goals this is the best way for you. You study Russian 3-6 hours  per day and it lasts for 7-14 days. We prepare an individual program for each student based on his goal, interests, professional needs and individual qualities.

 During one day you work with several teachers who follow the same program and who are used to work in a team. Each day the lesson covers all language aspects as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

One of the most important parts of intensive class is  revision.         


It helps to use the new material (both in grammar and vocabulary fields) as soon as possible.  The language barrier fails due to the volume of practice and growth of confidence of our student. It means that intensive class is a very efficient and quick way to improve your Russian in any level. However,  the most obvious results are noticed at  beginner’s and pre-intermediate levels.