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Programs of studying Russian in a language center in Moscow

Classes can take place at the RLC, in your office or in your home. 

Individual Classes      

     Cross-Cultural Training      

     Group Classes      

     Young Children and Teenagers      

     Intensive Classes       

      Special Event Programme     

     RLC organizes different types of Russian language classes according to your needs. You can study Russian following individual or group programs, having regular or intensive classes. We will help you to choose the best formula for you to study Russian as it depends on many factors: your personal availability of time to accord, flexibility in time, your needs and preferences. 
     First of all we propose standard programs for studing Russian according to the European language test system ( A1-C2), and at the same time we provide individual programs prepared for our clients which take into account their professional and personal needs for studing Russian. It is know that Russian language is one of the most difficult languages in the world, so we help you to find the best way in studing Russian as we prodive quality classes, our own teaching materials and personal approach to each client. 
    For instance we propose a very flexible approach in studing language: for example, one can start from studing of the Russian language with an intensive training , then switch to a regular group classes an finally follow the rhythm of individual classes with his/her personal programme of studing Russian, which permits to focus on the most important areas of language for you. We are sure to find the best, the most efficient and convenient way of studing Russian language according to one of our existing programs for you or we will just create a new one for you! So Russian language classes provided by our team.