Russian as a foreign language

Special Event Programme

The RLC regularly organise and holds Russian cultural events. They include:

1. “Russian Spirit” – introduction into Russian classical literature (Pushkin, Gogol, Chekhov etc). Reading and discussing of extracts, visiting museums and theatres. This course is 20 hours.

2. “Poets about Russia” – acquaintance with Russian poetry. Reading and commenting of some poems (Pushkin, Blok, Pasternak etc). Talking about their lives, works and historical events of their age.

This course is 4 hours.

3. “Life in Modern Russia” – acquaintance with modern Russian literature. Reading extracts of their texts ( Erofeev, Pelevin, Akuninn etc). Commenting on the text. Discussion of current problems faced by Russian society. Discussion about Russian mentality and its background.

This course is 20 hours.

4. “Russian History and Literature in Music” – acquaintance with Russian opera. Lives of some famous composers ( Glinka, Borodin, Tchaikovskiy etc) , opera plots, listening to various extracts.

This course is 14 hours.

5. “Russian Life in the Reflection of the Cinema” – acquaintance with Russian cinema: directors and their films. Watching film segments, discussing and writing short essays.

This course is 14 hours.

In addition to class room lessons the RLC holds a wide range of activities that supplements courses and more formally introduces you into Russian life and culture. The RLC provides special guided tours around Moscow visiting museums and sport events. We also welcome you to our Conversational Club where you can meet in an informal atmosphere other students and teachers.

All these activities have different aims but at each event you will be able to practice your Russian, be informed, educated and certainly entertained.

Events and their times vary but a current schedule and how to book can be obtained from the reception desk at the RLC.

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Our address:121069, Moscow,

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