Russian as a foreign language

Levels of Achievement

A1 (Beginner)

Can hold a dialogue in basic situations of their everyday life if the partner speaks slowly and pronounces clearly, using words familiar to you. Know approximately 700-800 words.

A2 (Basic)

Can communicate in common situations of your everyday life, make up or answer questions if the conversation goes slowly. Can give a logically organised description of an event, describing actions undertaken. While listening you understand the general meaning of long expressions. Know approximately 1000 words.

A2+ (Intermediate)

Can communicate in all the situations of everyday life, initiating, participating and keeping up a conversation. Able to tell a well-structured story, describing with facts and own experiences. .Know approximately 1300 words.


Can spontaneously without any special preparation participate in a discussion on various topics, using a good variety of vocabulary and speaking easily. Can easily retell a film plot (story), content of a book and describe an event. Understands the general sense of the majority of TV and radio programs. Can communicate well in most everyday situations at work. Know approximately 1800 words.  

B2 (Advanced)

Can easily and fluently communicate on any topic without any preparation, using correctly words of the appropriate language register (style – official, common, argo etc). Speaks at a natural speed, knows how to replace imperceptibly a word or a construction which are lacking, by their synonyms. Able to make phrases following the language logically but without translating them from his native language. Understands completely TV and radio programs, long reports, lectures and presentations with in the frame of your profession. Can hold business discussions and participate in a press conference. Know approximately 3500-4500 words

C (Independent)

Can spontaneously and fluently without difficulty in choosing the appropriate words and construction express themselves, describe events and feelings. Speaks using correct phraseology, sayings and expressions. Is able to initiate and maintain discussions on any topic. Understands detailed expressions even if you are not always well-structured. Understands a native speaker, who speaks quickly and does not pronounce very clearly. Can distinguish individual accents.

At the RLC we provide various methods of teaching. This includes: individual classes tailored to your needs and abilities, group classes, intensive courses, cross-cultural training, children’s programmes and a special events programme covering Russian opera, theatre, poetry and cinema.

Classes can take place at the RLC, in your office or in your home.

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