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How quickly will I start speaking Russian?

It depends on what do you mean by “start speaking”. In other words what level of competence do you want to achieve, to just speak Russian in everyday life situations, to be able to participate in a conversation in general or at a business professional level, or to understand TV or radio programs? Studying a foreign language is a very individual and specific process and depends solely on your efforts and wishes. From our side we are sure that our professional teachers can help you reach a basic level in a minimum number of hours.

Is it better to study in a group or individually?

There is no definite answer to this question. We recommend to some people that they try alternating between group classes and individual classes to see which they find more comfortable.

How are you going to teach me?

Our method combines traditional and modern elements of teaching. We are doing our best to make classes different, efficient and to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the lesson.

Our teachers find an individual approach to each student at the professional level as well as at the human level. Sometimes a song helps, sometimes a joke!

Who are the teachers in your school?

All our teachers are qualified in linguistics, teaching Russian as a foreign language. They all have good experience having worked in Universities, and other language centers, in Russia and abroad). Our teachers are fluent in many foreign languages and work full time for the Russian Linguistic Center. Our teachers all have interesting personalities. We are sure you will like to study and learn Russian with them at our Center

Which text books do you use?

We work with textbooks written and developed by many of the teachers working at the Russian Linguistic Center as well as from other leading authors in the field of linguistics.

Which certificate can I receive?

At the end of your course you’ll undertake a test to access your progress and capabilities. The RLC issues its own certificates to students attaining certain levels of achievement. Also the RLC gives you the opportunity to take the Test of European Languages. (TELC)

What is good about an intensive course?

An intensive course is a full immersion into the language. Due to time constraints this is not always easy for the expatriate, living in Russia. However this kind of training is proven to give you a rapid improvement of your language level and often a breakthrough to a higher level.

I have no time for home work, is it a problem?

We are very familiar with this situation. In this case teachers will dedicate more time to revision during the classes. At the same time they will try to tempt you with interesting tasks, so that you can’t resist doing them.

Why should I study Russian, if everybody I know speaks English with me?

There is one often well quoted reason, “to learn another foreign language means to live another life”. It is of course up to you in the end to decide but the feeling experienced when people around you stop answering you in English is something special to experience.

Is the Russian language spoken the same all over Russia? Will I be able to understand Russian in any place in Russia?

Certainly! Although there are dialects and regional accents, in general you’ll be able to communicate with people all over Russia.

I am not a linguist and I have no special language abilities. Do you think I’ll be able to lean one of the most difficult languages in the world - Russian ?

You are absolutely right. Russian is really one of the most difficult languages in the world, but our teachers will create the best learning program for you to succeed. You will not only to start speaking Russian, but understand its logic as well as the Russian mentality. We hope too that you will fall in love with the Russian language, its people and culture.

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